Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fuss Free Vacation..

when i was.. uhum.. *cough* younger.. vacation was an all melaram event. i am pretty sure i am not the only one who buys a whole lot of new stuff for a 3 day trip. even, an overnight trip. it is a girls thiing la. trust me. lol!

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but now that i am a mom.. i hardly get to do that.. for if i do.. i dont get to strut it anyways. with a child wrapped around my feet.

and the hijab.. well ..for those who wears the shawl would agree with me.. the moment the little one arrives.. mana la ade masa nak lilit2 bagai. kalau lilit pun the brooch could be a hazard to them. ouch. i always end up wearing a one piece syria arab. because the normal syria has failed me sooooooo many times (tarik sana.. tarik sini.. turun kereta tinggal inner. familiar?)

but as my daughter gets older.. i do try a bit harder. we do want to look pretty for our hubs kan? it is the least we can do..LOL! and along the way.. i have tried and tested many kinds of hijab..(and its accessories).. that are proven fuss free or..please leave it at home kind. here goes :

1. half moon shawl

thank God for half moon shawls! ditch the idea of lilit sana sini if you are in a hurry.. or wants a fuss free but pretty hijab on a holiday.. what i did was..

a. Pin it once under my chin.
b. Bring one side over to the other shoulder..Pin. Sudah.

see the thing about half moon shawls are.. it is super generous in size. so it covers every angle (and perfect for those who likes their hijab labuh) perfectly. get one of those fabric brooches (so tak sakit bile terkena baby time dukung..key word here is TER heheh).

as for the singles.. as much as leisure is a big deal on holiday.. so is running from one place to the other in a day. the half moon shawls is simple, modest, very pretty and versatile (boleh pakai pagi ke malam ke pagi besok LOL)

leave the beaded version for the big days (kenduri, dinners, raya).. get the plain or appliqued ones instead :)

2. Turban inner neck

as much as you are tempted to don the turban on your holiday.. we all know how cranky we can get when things dont go as planned. hheheh! the turban inner neck is the best short cut i've known. enough said. wear it alone..or as an inner.. it wins both ways.

3. Looped or instant shawls.

if you insist on doing the turban anyway.. a looped shawl (a shawl that is sewn in the middle) is the answer. besides the turban.. it can be worn in many ways. many simple ways.. but the effect is very pretty. it will stay in place (with a help of a pin).. but the hassle is sooo much less as compared to the normal shawl.

do share with us your hijab vacation.. we would love to hear from you :)