Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Dye, or Not To Dye

Alamak, looks like we caught the bug la. The dye bug. ok, ok.. a bit lambat.. but good fashion lingers kan. if its here today and left 3 months later.. it is a good chance the investment is not worth it.

my first impression of the tie dyes were.. seluar nelayan tu kan (what we use to call it when we were kids). so to have it as a skirt, dress, heck.. even a head piece.. is kinda intimidating.

but thanks to Dian Pelangi, all hell breaks loose and everything can be tie dyed. and it is fabulous. the last we heard even burberry has it. hee.

Photo Credit :

Photo Credit : Burberry

Our take on the tie dyes ... go ahead and have a sunny day (even if worn indoor.. ribut petir bagai) :)

Check out our tie dye scarves collection (last we heard, there's only 2 piece left ;) )