Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Change is Always Good

We created our fanpage many months ago. Initially it was out of curiosity. Which then turn into " alamak we gotta do this right because  we have to".  WelL, having a facebook fanpage is essential for online seller because :

1. Generally it looked much, much better to have a Like Button, than an Add Friend button.  honestly. LOL.

2. A personal facebook account has its limitations in the number of contacts. Looking forward, m pretty sure you wouldnt want to be handling multiple facebook accounts when one account has exceeded the maximum number of contacts, do you? By having a fanpage ( which has a limitless volume of followers) , it cuts your future hassle by , well, totally.

But the main issue lingers.. How do we convert / move all our facebook contacts to our fanpage?  I tried everything. But the umber of Likes is still not there. And i still have to update both the personal account and fanpage. I even have a customer telling me.. I saw a really nice phoot of a shawl that i like, but i cant figure out where i see it. Heheh!

Then i found this article. Have yet to try it.. But the idea on creating a photo / poster and tag your friends on the new fanpage.. Is pretyy neat. The other articles i found on growing your fanpage is very resourceful too. :)

Read on..

1. How to convert your friends from a Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook Fan Page