Sunday, August 28, 2011


unintended! OMG.. has it been that long? we aplogise for such a long hiatus.. i mean.. our last entry was the second batch of shawl roses? oh my.. actually we are more active via facebook.. it gets updated more often.. and the fact that we opened a slot for baju raya pre order made us even busier..not that we're complaining.. Alhamdulillah.. but.. in turn, we abandoned this blog of ours.. sigh..

so what's new with us.. we are already at batch 4 of our shawl roses.. the third batch flew off the shelves in days..alhamdulillah.. then we opened a window for tailor mades abayas and caftans.. which went really well.. well, except for the delivery hiccups..but all received before raya..phew!

so.. InsyaAllah lepas raya ni we will update our blog more often..and since our tailor made baju were well received.. we might make it a our thing..yeay! just give us a design.. we'll work it out..insyaAllah..