Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paisley Satin Shawls

As - Salam..

just as the polka dot version of it.. this version, we are just as excited. i mean, paisleys? who doesn't lvve them right? i personally have a soft spot for paisleys. raya tahun ni tema takde ikut colour..but by pattern..and yes, its paisley. tee hee hee..

These shawls are made of fine satins..and measuring 60 in x 20 in. so, takde le panjang / lebar sangat.. just nice to lilit-lilit anyway you like them to. hehe. we've been requested to do a tutorial on it..tee hee hee.. well.., all we can tell you is.. we all pun youtubed it! just search satin shawls and you're good to go..

enjoy this latest selection.. yours for RM39..