Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chiffon Rose Shawls

these are probably the prettiest thing. ever! it is hand made, using the finest chiffons. being an experimental deal.. we tried 5 super sweet colours.. on five different types of chiffons.. just to get the feel of it. hehe

each are RM60 (does not include postage) . do email us.. (or pm us at facebook) kalau ade yang berkenan ye..

1. SR 1 Lavender

2. SR 2 (lavender. but both ends has 3 buds of roses only)

3. SR 3 (dark purple)

4. SR 4 (baby pink)

5. SR 5 (baby pink. but only 3 buds of roses on 2 corners)

6. SR 6 (peachy pink)

7. SR 7 (fucshia)

on the other hand.. we are already ordering our second batch. do drop us a line if there's any colour that you'd like to purchase..  So far black, cream and turqoise is a favourite..