Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chiffon Express

aritu lepas upload tiered chiffon syria tu... the response was really good we wanted to do more. then we receive some feedback that a chiffon express is something more suitable for the work place..and very pretty for kenduri la..and things like that.

so we grab a bunch of chiffon express..which were to die for.. it is flowy, and the colours are to die for. unfortunately.. belum sempat upload dah banyak kena rembat. *LOL* alhamdulillah..

going for RM39 each (tak termasuk postage) ..drop us an email at kalau berkenan ye.. thanks!

CE 1

CE 2
 CE 3

 CE 4

 CE 5

CE 6

 CE 7

 CE 8

 CE 9

 CE 10

 CE 11

CE 12